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We're not some national company that doesn't know Hawaii. We're right here in the Aloha State. We're part of the ohana and are here to help and serve Hawaiian homeowners throughout the islands. If you need foreclosure assistance in Hawaii, talk to us today.

Avoid Foreclosure

If you got a letter from your bank or are worried about a foreclosure, then we can help at no cost. Talk to us about your individual situation and we'll explore different options, such as a loan modification, direct cash purchase or free short sale. We know how to deal with the banks. Let's see how we can help.

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Remember, there's no obligation to work with us, and all information is 100% confidential. We'll reach out to you to learn first and then present different options -- all at no cost to you.

After you fill out the form to the right , we'll be in touch immediately to learn more about your house and situation and how we can help. We'll start working right away on your FREE options, including a direct "As Is" Cash Offer to buy your house here in Hawaii.

Your FREE home seller e-book is also waiting for you on the other side of this form, so grab it now!

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Stop Your Foreclosure!

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It's no secret that many of today's homeowners are in difficult situations. Our beautiful island home of Hawaii sometimes hides the pain of a mortgage falling behind or the risk of losing your home altogether and having a foreclosure stuck to your credit report for years and years.

What if we could help you at no cost? What if we could make the banks go away? What if you had a clear plan moving forward that allowed you to put all these troubles behind you once and for all? A simple phone call to us could mean just that.... Keep reading ....

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